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D3 D3X 24-70mm f/2.8 50mm f/1.8 105mm f/2.8

Meet David Oliver – Nikon Ambassador

In 2007 I was awarded a Grand Master of Photography, the AIPP has also honoured me with the distinction of an AIPP Fellow in recognition of the extraordinary photographic achievements and commitment to the art of photography.

I have been considered worldwide for my individual and timeless style. Commissions encompass amazing locations all across the globe from medieval castles in Ireland to New York’s Central Park.

I am called upon regularly to share my passion and knowledge of photography, lecturing here in Australia and throughout the world.

I have also co produced two fine art books on landscape and Documentary photography.

My first paid job was photographing a wedding, with an old Mamiya RB 6×7, which took 10 shots per roll. Very stressful.

I went professional way back in the late 70s when I was asked by the Elton Ward group if I’d would like to join them full time as a portrait photographer, I said yes and it turned out to be one of those life changing decisions, I have never looked back.

If you are starting out my advice would be never stop taking pictures for yourself, I have seen too many photographers come and go, because they had lost that passion that got them into photography in the 1st place.

My favourite Nikon products are the D3 and D3X. I use the D3 for wedding photography and all my low light photography. I use the D3X for my portrait and landscape work.

I love using the 24-70m f2.8 such a versatile lens with brilliant optics, also love using the 105m f2.8 macro the best portrait lens I have ever used. The new 50mm f1.4 is also a brilliant lens for travel documentary work.

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Australian for Life – Interview with Nikon Ambassador David Oliver

Dec 12, 2010
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