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I am a Nikon-Walkley Award winning photographer who has photographed for a multitude of national and international magazines throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Australasia. Publications include LeMonde, Stern, L’Express, Focus, Australian Geographic, The Bulletin, The New York Times, Fortune and Time Australia.

Whether photographing issue related stories such as HIV/AIDS, or Third World conflict, I have aspired to capture history in a fair, truthful and informative manner. I was one of the original co-founders of Reportage, and a Director of FotoFreo Photographic Festival I am also a Nikon-Walkley Advisory Board Member.

I was a professional guitarist for the first decade of my working life.

I was a gigging musician working at night, and fell in love with photography as something I could do during the day. I became obsessed with the idea of travelling the World as a photojournalist, so I sold my guitars to finance my one-way ticket and headed off for places exotic.

The first cheque I received as a photographer was for a double page spread on Turkey in a British travel magazine called OUTBOUND, sometime in the ’80s.

If you really decide that photojournalism is your calling, it is important to find stories that actually mean something to you. Keep in mind that your first responsibility is to the people whose stories you are trying to tell. To give them a voice the work has to be seen, so the next step is to establish direct contact and build relationships with picture editors and publishers. Your next responsibility is to yourself and your dependants. You have to earn a living. Photojournalism is a profession, so never give an image away for free.

The Nikon D3s is AMAZING, with a 24-70mm f2.8, is a formidable combination. I am also looking forward to adding the new fast primes, a 24mm f1.4 and a new 50mm f1.4. Nice to be able to see in the dark. I also use a D700, a D3, a 70-200mm f2.8 and the new 14-24mm Nikkor f2.8.

My favourite is the Nikon D3s, it is extraordinary. My workhorse. Beautiful, natural colours and incredible, useable files, no matter what the light.

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East Timor Guterres Family – Then And Now

Apr 8, 2013
by David Dare Parker