Cameron Attree

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I often use a D3S body with a range of lenses from 14mm up to 300mm plus a number of Nikon speed lights.

Cameron Attree is one of the Nikon School Brisbane lecturers – teaching ‘Introduction to DSLR‘. This course is ideal for newcomers to the world of digital SLR or anyone who wants to refresh their photography knowledge. For further information visit

Cameron has over 20 years experience in the photographic industry, is a graduate of the Queensland College of Art and a Master of Photography with the AIPP. In 2008 he was awarded the QLD AIPP Portrait Photographer of the Year.

His fine art practice utilises both traditional and contemporary photographic process, stemming from his love of 4×5 black and white photography and his concurrent desire to embrace digital technology. Cameron progressively deals with both the human form and landscape genres and often combines the two in both natural and man-made environments.