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D800 14-24mm f/2.8 105mm f/1.4 24-85mm 50mm f1.8 85mm f/1.8

My name is Ben Wilkinson and I am from Tasmania, Australia. My interests are in exploring and capturing images of the remote Tasmanian Wilderness, landscapes and Astro photography.

I run a small business called ‘Wilkography’ that provides Wedding, Corporate & Print services

My knowledge and skills are gained through research, online tutorials, experimenting and a strong desire to improve. This is why I became a Nikon School Instructor, I like to help others by sharing my passion with like minded people.

I enjoy photography because alongside my wife, family and friends, photographing and exploring the Tasmanian wilderness gives me a greater appreciation of life. Working with my camera takes me away from it all, it allows me to be caught in a moment where nothing else matters. A moment when I can enjoy my surroundings without any other thought, emotion or interference from life.

I find motivation and inspiration through the works of Peter Dombrovskis and Olegas Truchanas who are legendary Tasmanian figures of landscape photography. Their dedication and commitment to the preservation of Tasmania’s wilderness has been instrumental in our islands history and provide me with an understanding of the importance of preserving our natural resources for the benefit of future generations.

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