The Beautiful Game

‘The beautiful game’ of soccer is one of the world’s most popular sports thanks to the speed and skill involved with billions of fans around the world living and breathing the game. All around the world loyal fans unite to watch their teams compete and as you’ll see in this season’s matches for Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory, there’s plenty of passion, spirit and energy amongst the fans of the AFC Champions League.

As part of our role as Official Supporter of the AFC Champions League, we’re running an assignment inspired by the beautiful game. We’d like to see your best soccer crowd and fan shots – the tears, the elation, anticipation, commiseration, the costumes, the face paint and the lengths that some fans will go to for the love of soccer. Photos can be taken at matches at any level, from local under-12’s to the elite international matches – but they must focus on the people in the crowd rather than the players. Please don’t upload photos of the players, this assignment is all about the fans.

Image supplied courtesy of WSG
h2. The brief

Upload between 1 and 3 photos that demonstrate what soccer means to its fans.

We’ll be judging entries based on the following criteria:
* Photo must focus on the crowd
* Quality of image: for example composition and lighting
* Emotional impact: how much you capture the crowd’s emotion and how the judges react to the shot, whether it be laughter, sadness or shock

As mentioned above, please don’t upload images of players, unfortunately we are unable to accept these as there are potential copyright infringements due to individual player contract obligations. It’s free to enter – so why not head down to your local match and start capturing those winning pictures!

h2. Who can enter?

If you own a camera you qualify. We want everyone with a real passion for soccer to be able to enter this assignment – it doesn’t matter if you own a Nikon or not – we want to celebrate photography and sport! You don’t have to be a professional photographer with a DSLR; we’re looking for your creativity, passion and ability to capture a moment.

Image supplied courtesy of WSG
h2. The Prize

The winner for ‘The Beautiful Game’ Assignment will score a brand new “D3100 DSLR camera”: complete with an 18-55mm VR lense, RRP $949.

h2. Enter now!

You can enter this assignment right now – just click “Enter Now” and follow the steps in the brief above – easy! Good luck and we look forward to seeing your entries!

To check out the Sydney FC Website – “click here”:
To check out the Melbourne Victory Website – “click here”:
To check out the AFC Website – “click here”:

Published by mynikonlife Apr 12, 2011