Sunsets, sunrises, and all things the sun

After a few requests from members, the next My Nikon Life assignment is Sunsets, sunrises, and all things the sun.

The brief is very simple. Load up to five (5) photos that have some link to the sun… feel free to use your imagination, be creative and post photos that will help brighten up a long, cold winter.

“Here is a selection of five…”:../gallery/742

h3. The Prize

With the launch of “Nikon School”:../school on June 4th, the prize is a voucher to attend any Nikon School class of your choice before January 1st 2011. Course choice will be indicative of the assignment winner’s experience.

h3. Nikon School

“Nikon School”:../school has launched with the “Introduction to Digital SLR Photography”:../school/intro-to-digital-slr-photography in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. “Enrol now”:../school/intro-to-digital-slr-photography/classes to learn how to get more from your photography with leading experts. You don’t have to own a Nikon, you just need to bring a desire to be a better photographer.

From August 2010, additional classes will be added to the series alongside the Introduction course, offering a range of options for camera enthusiasts and more experienced shooters to improve their knowledge and expertise whilst exploring new techniques.

Keep an eye out for updates on “My Nikon Life”:../ or via our monthly newsletter.


Photo by Nikon Ambassador Mark Watson

Published by mynikonlife Jun 2, 2010