I Am Stoked Photo Assignment

Recently, we announced our partnership with Australia’s peak surfing organisation – Surfing Australia. As part of this partnership we’re proud to bring the Nikon Surf Photo of the Year and Nikon Surf Movie of the Year Award to the professional surfing photography and film making community as part of the pretigious Australian Surfing Awards.

And we’re celebrating with our latest My Nikon Life photo assignment that’s open to all members of our photographic community, no matter what stage you’re in photography journey!

‘I AM STOKED’ is all about capturing the essence of surfing. We want to see your photos that revel in the culture of surfing – from the ecstatic feeling of catching a barrel, to the first ever time a grommet stands on their board, we want you to show us surfing as you know it.
Your shots can be taken anywhere in the world – but you need to be an Australian to enter and win. You’ll also need to be a member of My Nikon Life – it’s free and easy to sign up, so why not sign up now?

h2. The Prize

Stephanie Gilmore

The winner of the ‘I AM STOKED’ assignment will score a brand new limited edition custom Stephanie Gilmore DHD Surfboard – custom shaped for your height and weight.

h2. The Brief

Upload between 1 and 5 photos that you believe captures the essence of surfing.

We’ll be judging entries based on the following criteria:
* Quality of image: for example composition and lighting
* Judges emotional reaction: laughter, surprise, disbelief
* Immersion: make us feel like we’re there sharing the moment

It’s free to enter – so why not head down to your local beach and start capturing those winning pictures!

h2. Who can enter?

If you own a camera you qualify. We want everyone with a passion for surfing to be able to enter this assignment – it doesn’t matter if you own a Nikon or not – we want to celebrate photography and sport! You don’t have to be a professional photographer with a DSLR; we’re looking for your creativity, passion and ability to capture a moment.

h2. Enter now!

Step 1 – You need to be a member of My Nikon Life to enter, so be sure to sign up or log in here
Step 2 – When you’ve done this, the “Enter Now” button will appear on this assignment page.
Step 3 – Upload between 1 and 5 photos that you believe captures the essence of surfing.
Step 4 – Press Enter, and your entry has been submitted

Published by mynikonlife Nov 29, 2011