Food Glorious Food (Phase 3)

See your words and images in print! Between June 2011 and August 2012 we’re running our longest assignment to date!

Enter ‘Food Glorious Food’ and you could be one of our next food reviewers. Have a food review, written and photographed by you, published in forthcoming issues of the My Nikon Life Magazine. You’ll also win a Nikon COOLPIX compact camera and a food experience for two to review.

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h2. The brief

We want a mouth-watering story about a great food experience – told in both words and pictures. It can be a bar or restaurant review, a meal you made and styled at home, a food blog entry, or even a memorable food-related experience you’ve had. Did you meet the makers of a specialty food? Or did you became friends with a stranger over a shared meal in a faraway place? Have you had your breath taken away by the skill and artistry of your favourite chef? Or do you simply want to share with us your favourite coffee spot?

Throughout the year we’ll be choosing reviewers based on their Food Glorious Food entries. Judging will consider the quality of the images and the words used to describe your experience and, most importantly, how much we feel like we’re right there sharing the experience with you…smelling the aromas, hearing the sounds, tasting the flavours.

Leading the judging panel for Phase 3 will be Sarah Wilson. Here’s her message for all Food Glorious Food Phase 3 assignment entrants:

“Food is an expression. For me it’s a wonderful way to share love and excitement and the essence of life. We all love capturing these aspects of the human experience…in words or pictures. To this end I’ll be looking for photographers who truly express…in both words and pictures. I want to feel their relationship with food. Perhaps it’s bright, or moody, or rustic or playful. It definitely won’t be cliched, mimicking the styles of the many cookbooks about at the moment. Their accompanying words, about their photo and their food, will add an extra layer of flavour and expression, like an infused oil.”

Sarah WilsonSarah is an Australian media personality, journalist and blogger with an integrated voice across television, radio, magazines, newspapers and online. Her career started as a restaurant reviewer in News Ltd’s Sunday Magazine. She’s the former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and was the host of the first series of MasterChef Australia, the highest rating show in Australian TV history. Her latest foodie program, Eat Yourself Sexy, produced for Foxtel’s Lifestyle YOU, is currently screening in 35 countries around the world. You can read more here.

Check out Sarah’s profile on My Nikon Life by clicking here.

h2. Who can enter?

Own a camera? You qualify! We want everyone to be able to enter this assignment – it doesn’t matter if you own a Nikon or not – we want to celebrate photography. You don’t have to be a professional photographer with a DSLR; we’re looking for the expression of your creativity and passion for photography.

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h2. The Prize

Between June 2011 and August 2012 we will choose four winners from around the country for each issue of My Nikon Life magazine. The winners will win:

  • A brand new Nikon COOLPIX, to capture all your future food experiences.
  • Dinner for two at an establishment of our choice in their nearest capital city
  • The winners’ reviews will be printed in My Nikon Life Magazine

Winner Selection Dates:
31 st August 2011 to be published in My Nikon Life magazine Issue 3
28 th February 2012 to be published in My Nikon Life magazine Issue 4
31 st August 2012 to be published in My Nikon Life magazine Issue 5

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We have more in store for this assignment. Keep an eye out for the announcement of the judge for this phase!

h2. Enter now!

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  • Step 2 – Click “Enter Now” on this assignment page to start uploading your photos.
  • Step 3 – Write a short restaurant review or piece about food (up to 200 words) about your favourite food topic in the album description.
  • Step 4 – Upload up to 5 of your best photos capturing your passion for food, with a caption included.
  • Step 5 – Press Enter, and your entry has been submitted

You can only enter this assignment once but you can upload up to 5 images to describe your food experience.

Be sure to run through this checklist when you upload your assignment to ensure you are eligible to win!

Published by mynikonlife Mar 2, 2012