Australian for Life

Surf Life Saving is one of Australia’s most trusted and well loved brands and represents the Australian way of life from our active outdoor lifestyle to our love of beaches, from our community spirit to our strong sense of mateship.

_”We believe these qualities that sum us up as nation are the qualities that make Surf Life Saving Australian for life,”, says Surf Life Saving Australia’s CEO, Brett Williamson OAM. “Whether you are from Broken Hill or Bondi, Alice Springs or Airlie Beach,or whether you have lived here for generations or just days,everyone has the opportunity to be involved in Surf Life Saving.”_

As part of our partnership, with Surf Life Saving we are really excited to be setting the *Australian for Life* competition this summer.

h2. The Brief

What is your Australian for Life moment?

In this competition we ask you examine and, through photography, document what you think being Australian is. We ask nothing more and expect nothing less. Just capture whatever sums up ‘Australian for Life’ for you – whether it be on a beach, at a BBQ, with your family or whatever you like.

*Australian for Life spokesman and Nikon Ambassador Mark Watson shares his thoughts and images to help explain:*

_”*Australian for Life* to me must reflect ideally what is great about Australia, but also portray uniqueness and the image must create feeling and emotion. Some of these moments are found in portraits or landscapes and others in the scenes or activities that define us as Australians. From my collection, a candid portrait of Burketown aboriginal identity JY Yanner is a favourite, as is a dramatic studio photo of Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Klim. On a recent project for Surf life Saving Australia I was commissioned to photograph a variety of beach scenes and my beach cricket photo is one that stands out as an iconic Australian for Life moment. I also wanted to capture the action of Surf Life Saving and one image of a female lifesaver sprinting towards the water with sand flying from her feet is also a favourite. In the end I think the portrait of JY wins my *Australian For Life* moment from my personal collection.”_


Photography by Nikon Ambassador Mark Watson

*Nikon Ambassador Delly Carr shares his thoughts and images to help explain:*

_”The night of Cathy Freeman’s 400m run for Gold at the Sydney Olympic Games. The Olympics were in Sydney Australia, 100,000 Australians were ready to roar and cheer on Cathy, millions in the country tuned in on the TV as well. They played Men At Work’s ‘Down Under’ and the Australian darling of the Games, Cathy Freeman, ran it beautifully to win despite all the weight of expectation from the whole country. I still get a shiver down my spine when I think about it.”_


Photography by Nikon Ambassador Delly Carr

h2. Who can enter?

Own a camera? You qualify! We want everyone to be able to enter this competition it doesnt matter if you own a Nikon or not we want to celebrate photography. You dont have to be a professional photographer with a DSLR; were looking for your creativity and passion for photography.

h2. The Prize

There will be seven (7) prizes, one for NSW/ACT, VIC, SA, WA, QLD, NT and TAS.

The winners will each receive:

1. Enrollment into Nikon Schools Introduction to DSLR course.

2. Nikon D3100 DSLR 18-55mm VR & 55-300mm VR twin lens kit valued at $1449 RRP.

3. A Nikon Ambassador Experience where all winners will be flown from their nearest    capital city to spend a day with a selection of Nikon Ambassadors.


h2. The Judges

We are extremely lucky to have our partner Australian swimming legend Geoff Huegill with adventure photographer and Nikon Ambassador Mark Watson as our judges for this competition.

h2. Enter now!

All you need to do is submit a minimum of one (1) photo and a maximum of five (5) photos that satisfy the brief. It’s free to enter so go for it! All you need to do is upload them by clicking Enter Now Good luck! We look forward to seeing your entries.

Published by mynikonlife Nov 3, 2010