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In my home town of Burlington Ontario, Canada I came across a hidden treasure. In a city that is mostly suburban there are not many restaurants with character. On a sunny fall day a good friend of mine Ella came along with me to “The Naked Sprout”. It is a vegan raw food restaurant just ten minutes from the home where I grew up. As soon as you enter the door a golden light fills the earth toned interior. Having been greeted with calm vibes and friendly staff Ella and I opted for the table set up with meditation pillows. The menu is so fantastic it is very hard to choose what to order. We ended up with a plate of “The Naked Sprout Signature Nachos” to start. Made with carrot flax chips, Sunflower seed bean salsa and cashew cream this dish is an explosion of flavor. Salivating and hungry for more I went with a main dish of “Ravishing Rawsagna”, It is made with marinated portobello and shiitake mushroom, zucchini, aged nut cheese, sun dried tomato marinara, and cashew basil pesto. The food is always presented so beautifully and is made with love and care. With our bellies and hearts full we left satisfied and inspired. You can live in a city for so long and never discover the special places it has to offer. I am lucky to have found a new restaurant and in that discovery also a new appreciation for my home town.

Published by Erin_Lynn_Walker Feb 7, 2012