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A mixed bag. A trip to Cambodia where our Tuk Tuk driver Sothy, took us on a picnic with his friends and shared their food and hospitality. It taught us that language plays a very limited role in developing friendships.
Tossing a coin into the Trevi fountain, a place that I had to ensure I would get back to see.
Feeding a giraffe at Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. It seems such a small thing but it was just joyful the way he nuzzled for more.
Dinner at a Thai restaurant where all the decorations were made of condoms and all the profits went to promoting safe sex in the prostitution industry. A cause worth supporting and a dinner well worth eating!
A flight over Sydney in a sea plane. No matter how far or how wide I roam there will always be two top views for me. The second is flying out over Sydney Harbour and the first is flying home again.

Published by rpate Mar 14, 2011
Assignment: Wish we were there