Untitled Album

The best musical experience can come as a surprise. Come creeping slowly and clutch at the heart and make you gasp as an intensity of emotion sweeps through your soul.

Immersing slowly into a cherished band in the quiet of a home space is a delight, but oh the joy to have the layers revealed before you by a skilled and loving performer!

For those few of us living regionally, this could be said to be an experience that doesn’t come often, if at all, to your own backyard of the world. Take what you can get; get not nearly as much as you can take.

A deeply emotional, atmospheric performance stays with you. Lifts you into rapturous heights of joy, or holds your hand and walks with you through a melancholic wave of sonic sadness.

Amazing moments of live music can be captured visually, relaying the heart of the performance to all who gaze longingly on the image, aching for a moment of live passion of their own.

Published by DamianHerde Mar 4, 2011
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