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A girl’s 2 favourite subjects – music and fashion. Well, this girl’s anyway. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but for me it is all about the music and fashion which in so many ways go hand in hand. Where would Jon Bon Jovi be without his jeans and leather vest, Bono without his trademark sunglasses or Lady Gaga without her latest invention and where would all the fashion greats be without the beats to lift their runway shows? The world would be very plain without both. Thankfully this isn’t so.

Music and fashion are my favourite topics in life, with rock music at the forefront. The opportunity to capture music greats in time is a privilege for me so here I submit the following images which are some of my best in my extensive music photography portfolio which I believe not only capture the subject matter, but also the crowds energy and anticipation at the shows. Images that thousands of people have already witnessed in a moment in time, now captured on film.

Published by bella77 Mar 3, 2011
Assignment: Fashion Full Stop