Malcolm Fackender

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Malcolm Fackender is an Australian award winning travel and commercial photographer who specialises in small group photographic tours. Malcolm has been involved with and successful at photography since a young teenager, winning a Gold Medal in 1985 at the age of seventeen. Initially Malcolm had a strong interest in macro and bird photography, but more recently developed a strong interest in travel photography, where he has broadened his photographic interests to cover many other genres.

Through his company Spotlight on Asia, and with the assistance of local and international travel agencies, Malcolm has successfully planned, arranged and led 46 small group photographic tours to Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), China, India, Singapore, Namibia, East Africa (Kenya & Tanzania), Iceland, Italy and Cuba. Being passionate about photography, travel and just being around and inspiring fellow photographers, Malcolm intends to build his business to include many more countries in the years to come.

Having been involved with Photographic clubs in Sydney and New South Wales for over 30 yrs, Malcolm is always eager to share his knowledge with the members of clubs as well as any other photographers and clients. Malcolm regularly conducts educational and inspirational photographic talks at various photographic clubs and has recently incorporated workshops into his business. Malcolm actually gets much more joy out of inspiring and teaching people than receiving any competition awards. For him, there is no greater joy than seeing or hearing about the successes that past clients have with images taken on one of his tours. This is one of the main reasons clients are happy to continue travelling with Spotlight on Asia whenever a new destination is released. In addition to introducing new exciting destinations, Malcolm always freely gives advice on photographic equipment and technique.

Personally, Malcolm enjoys taking photographs and extending himself wherever possible. He believes that photography is a cycle of continuous improvement from a technical, hardware and creative perspective and as such looks forward to growing and extending his portfolio for many years to come.