Kellie Schlecht


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Nikon D5100 18-55mm Nikkor Lens

Kellie Schlecht is a TV/radio reporter from Brisbane who up until now has spent her career in front of the camera and microphone. For the last two years Kellie has worked the winter at Perisher, snowboarding and skiing her days away and crossing live to Channel Nine, Network Ten, The Weather Channel, Fox Sports and Sky News for the latest snow reports.

In 2010 Kellie started using her first Nikon camera and began to see things from the other side of the lens. Ever since she’s been glued to her Nikon 5100 and regularly has her pictures printed in newspapers, magazines and on websites across the country.

Still learning, Kellie loves to hear from fellow photographers & snow lovers with tips and comments about taking photos in the snow.

Kellie is proof anyone can take a good photo with a bit of imagination and the right gear.

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