Johnny Abegg

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Nikon D800 Nikon D7000 18-200mm 35mm/1.8 60mm Macro 10-24mm wide

Johnny Abegg is a surfer/filmmaker/photographer from Byron Bay in Australia. Johnny is inspired by people, passion, stories and creativity. Growing up in Tasmania, Abegg always had a love for surfing which lead him to the warmer waters of Byron Bay in 1995.

His creative journey began in 2005 while his career as a pro-surfer began to slow. He started documenting the trials and tribulations of the ‘unseen’ side of Pro Surfing, racking up a $27,000 debt on credit cards to fulfill a lifelong surfing dream. This decision lead to his first film titled ‘On Credit’.

This turned Johnny from surfer to filmmaker, completing his fourth independent film titled ‘Two Weeks’ in 2010. ‘Two Weeks’ is filmed in the heart of the Tasmanian wilderness, which was combined into a photographic journal.

2010 also marked the beginning of Common Ground – a photographic website based around the local Byron Bay community. From people to the landscape, the community project continues to evolve with Abegg’s film making, writing and photography.

Johnny Abegg uses a Nikon D800 and D7000 for his photos.

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