Elaine Victoria Grey


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Nikon SLR digital 40DX with 18-55 mm and 55-200mm lense with filter and hood, a Nixon Cool Pix, and a Samsung Galaxy Note.

Elaine Victoria Grey is a celebrated Boston artist, photographer & voice-actor whose accomplishments include a one-person exhibit titled “Innovations” at Harvard University’s Baker Library and copyright renderings of historic sites in Boston, including the State House and the swan boats. In addition to her art career, Grey has been an active public servant for decades in her hometown of Watertown. Her biggest contribution to date is the founding of the Watertown Center for the Arts, the original nonprofit organization that sought to build a visual and performing arts facility at the Watertown Arsenal site. Elaine is also a co-founding member of Watertown Arts on the Charles, the new non-profit that bought the plans for the Arsenal Center for the Arts to fruition.

Her other public service activities include running for Watertown town councilor in 1995 and 1999, serving as a member and Secretary of the Watertown Art Association, member of the Watertown Historical Society, as chairman of the Watertown Arts Lottery Council, and as elected town meeting member. As a trustee of the Marshall Home for the Aged, she assisted in placing elderly residents in assisted-care living facilities. She also continues to serve as the Administrative Liaison for Watertown High School Athletic Hall of Fame. In 2002, the Watertown Public Library named her as Watertown Woman of Achievement. Elaine studied with a full scholarship at the Art Institute of Boston (formerly School of Practical Art),with additional classes at the Massachusetts College of Art and through Harvard Extension School and on her own, classes at the Museum of Fine Arts.
In 1980, Elaine received a Fellowship to attend the International Marketing Institute, Babson College, Wellesley, MA, where she studied International Marketing-Management with 77 people from 38 countries. After successfully completing the program, Elaine began to extensively travel to many countries, where she painted, photographed and journal each trip.

Grey plans to continue painting, being active in public service, and after pursuing her education at Harvard University Extension School she earned her A.L.B. degree in June of 2006.

Elaine served as Director and Clerk of the Watertown Chamber of Commerce from 1980-1986; Director and Producer of Focus TV, a Cable television show dedicated to informing the public about community issues. Since 1980, Elaine continues to serve as a Corporator of the Watertown Savings Bank. Elaine has faithfully served on the Zoning Board of Appeals, since her appointment on May 24, 1991. She was appointed as the first female chairman in the history of Watertown’s Zoning Board of Appeals and discharged her duties faithfully and fairly during her 3 tenures as Chairperson.

Elaine Victoria Grey is the sole proprietor of Grey Real Estate and Innovations Art Gallery, 443 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, MA. In addition to her art/photography gallery and studio, her Watertown company offers real estate and appraisal services. Elaine became a real estate broker in 1967, and she is a MA Certified General Real Estate Appraiser. In June of 2003, Elaine received her Associate’s Degree from Harvard University Extension School. In addition to her degree, she was the recipient of the coveted Derek Bok Public Service Prize, and in 2006 she obtained a field of study certificate in Dramatic Arts.

In 2008 Elaine attended Nikon School’s “Workflow Techniques,” and since then, a variety of film and acting classes .